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The Password Keeper

We would like to introduce you to Keeper Security, the ultimate password keeper and the first winner of our Shamrock Medallion, which is an acknowledgment that Twinco New Media will be awarding in recognition of bloggers, apps, websites, and brands whom we strongly believe are among the very best at what they do. By featuring and reviewing them, they’ll be receiving the seal of our very own Shamrock Medallion. 

The three pillars that must be met are:

  1. Value
  2. Usability
  3. Integrity

With this in mind, let the luck of the Irish be with you and may the Shamrocks grow…

We saw the panic in her eyes, she was feverishly throwing things off the desk, looking inside drawers and shelves in search of her precious list of passwords she hid safely away, but now could not find. Almost in tears, she asked us if we had a backup, as she couldn’t access anything…

This is a true story and something that we commonly encounter as social media managers. We’re sure you agree that one of the more frightening words in this digital generation is the dreaded PASSWORD!

Passwords are something we give the highest consideration to protecting. Keeping track of private login information for "so-and-so platform" or "so-and-so email account" is like carrying the most delicate soufflé in stilettos and praying you don’t trip!

With the recent crackdown of updated terms and conditions and required addition of special characters or symbols (!@#$%&*, CaPiTaLs and num6ers) to ensure adequate security and prevent threats from infiltrating our systems, there is more risk than ever.

However, there is a solution to this worrisome and irritating problem, because we are going to share with you one of our favorite apps!

All applause goes out to the simplest of all password apps...the Keeper Security App! It is so easy and convenient and the best part is you only have to remember one password. We open this App dozens of times a day and we haven’t been hacked or lost a single password since we switched everything over to Keeper.

The Keeper Security App is like a vault for your passwords. You can encrypt, you can share folders with your family or team members, you can add notes, it’s pretty amazing! Whether you’re using the app on your devicesthe desktop app, or the browser-based (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.) version, Keeper auto-syncs so that you always have the most recent and updated information at hand. We make this link a favorite on our "Favorites Bar!" Between the ease of use and its security (if your screen locks or your switch apps for even a second, you’ll be prompted to login again), we give it 4 out of 4 Shamrocks and our coveted Shamrock Award!

We hope you’ll check out the Keeper Security App and gain the peace of mind our team now enjoys! Please comment us below with your thoughts, we would love to hear about your favorite app you use for securing your passwords!

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Please note: Twinco New Media is not affiliated with the Keeper Security app, its partners, or designers, and does not receive any commission or compensation on their behalf.